Welcome to Emmanuel Reformed Church!

Emmanuel Reformed Church is a warm and safe environment where you can feel at home with others who want to reach out with the love of God. We like to think of ourselves as “good news” people because of the fabulous news that has gripped our understanding.

In these cynical times of fear, despair and anxiety, we believe there are real answers and alternatives. We are not suggesting a leap of faith in the hope that you land somewhere safe and pleasant. Rather, we believe that the Christian faith is both intellectually defensible and, once grasped by both mind and heart, will give purpose and strength not only for this life lived today, but also for the life which is eternal in its scope.

We would ask you to come and worship with us and see what we are about. We aren’t too interested in being religious, but are interested in seeing you come to know the God who in Christ Jesus reaches out to you in holiness and love to bring you into a living relationship with Him. Come and visit, and let’s talk.